Factors That Will Influence How Many Security Officers You Use At Your Church

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Security officers are critical for making your church a safe place to worship. The threat of church shootings is something that every church needs to take seriously, and it's important that you never take the approach of thinking that such a horrendous activity could never happen at your church. Many security companies can provide officers to protect your church before, during, and after services. The number of officers that you'll need will depend on several factors, including these three.

Size Of The Building

The size of your church building is one of the main factors that will play a role in how many security officers you'll need to provide an adequate degree of protection. It's useful to consult with the security company to get its advice on this number rather than to try to decide on the number yourself. A small community church in a tiny building will need far fewer security professionals on the scene than a megachurch, for example. The larger your church is, the more security officers you'll want to cover all areas of it.

Number Of Doors

You'll also want to think about the number of doors that provide access to the church and share this information with your security company. Often, a church will leave its main doors unlocked during the service but may have other doors around the building that remain locked. Each of these doors is a potential way for a shooter to access the building. Even a locked door doesn't provide much of a deterrent for someone who is adamant about getting inside or who has a lock-picking kit. While you don't necessarily need a security officer at every door, it's ideal to have enough personnel that officers can respond quickly to a threat at any door.

Size Of The Congregation

While it's important to think about the size and features of the church building itself, you should never lose sight of the congregation — after all, they're the people who require protection in the event of a shooting incident. You'll want more officers on the scene if you have a large congregation. Again, the security company can give you a suitable recommendation based on the information that you provide. A church shooting is a chaotic event, with people attempting to flee in different directions. If the congregation is large, it's only appropriate to have multiple officers who can render assistance to these people.

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