How Security Guards Can Help Your Business

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As your business grows, there are some things that you may need to consider. Adding security guards to your business is one thing you may not have thought about, but there are a lot of functions or tasks that they can do to help keep your business of facility safe.

Entry Control

The most common task for security guards in any business is to control who comes into your business or facilities. Checking names, issuing guest passes, and verifying that people should be on the property is the most basic function that nearly every guard company offers. 

The way you use the guards at your front door or gate is up to you. Still, if you can create a friendly atmosphere as people arrive, that is also one of checks and balances, people will be more comfortable. They may even feel good knowing someone is there to ensure that no one gets into the property unless they belong there. 

Even though the guard service or company provides the guards, you can determine the training and the way they operate at your business. Talk to the guard service about what you want, and they can tailor the training to your needs. 

Fire Watch

Security guards that are on roving patrols of your property are in a position to see things that others may not see. As the guard patrols the property, they can be on the lookout for emergencies that could cause damage to your facility. 

A fire that breaks out in the building, a burst pipe that is flooding the building with water, or any number of other things that can happen, is more likely to be found quickly by a guard doing rounds and the early detection can make a significant difference in the amount of damage your business sustains. 

Escort Services

Some guard companies offer security officers that are trained to provide escort services for your employees if you feel you need them. Sometimes, an employee needs to work after hours and having a guard there to escort them to their car after they complete the work they need to do, can be a great comfort to the employee. 

Many times, having the guards in the building and checking on things while that employee is there is comforting to the employee and can increase the safety in the building. If something were to happen in the building while your employee is working late, the guard knowing they where there can quickly evacuate the person to safety. 

To learn more about security guard services, contact a security guard company in your area.

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