Using Armed Security Services For Your Business

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The security needs of a business can be some of the most important needs to meet. Otherwise, it can be impossible to keep the products, customers and employees that are in the business safe. Unfortunately, there are some businesses that will be at a far greater risk of being victimized by crime, and they will need to take further steps. Often, this will involve hiring armed security guard services to provide this protection.

Do Armed Security Guards Always Use Guns?

There is a common misconception that armed security guards will always be equipped with firearms. There are some business leaders that may be understandably concerned about the presence of firearms in their building. For these enterprises, there are security guard services that can arm its personnel with a variety of non-lethal weapons. These devices can be highly effective without putting those in the building at unnecessary risk. When hiring an armed security guard service, you will be able to discuss the type of weaponry that you are comfortable with these agents having. If you are unsure as to what would be best, you can arrange for a security assessment where these services can recommend a service package based on the threats that your business is the most likely to encounter.

Will It Be Safe to Have Armed Security Guards on the Property?

One of the advantages of working with professional security services is that they will be able to provide the business with highly trained personnel that are equipped to handle the various situations that can arise in commercial properties. Whether this is escorting rowdy customers off the premises or intervening against theft, the presence of a security guard can substantially increase the safety of those in the building. In fact, many businesses will find that they can enjoy insurance discounts due to the safety benefits that having trained security professionals on the site can provide.

What Should Your Employees Do If the Security Guards Is Involved in an Altercation?

In the event that there is an altercation that requires the intervention of the security guards, the employees on your staff may feel a temptation to intervene to assist the security guard. However, this should be heavily discouraged. These professionals will be trained in conflict escalation as well as how to effectively defend themselves and subdue aggressive individuals. Rather than intervening, your employees should attempt to notify the police so that they can be dispatched. While the security guard can help to protect your business, they will lack the authority to arrest dangerous individuals.

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