The Problems With Apprehending A Shoplifter On Your Own

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Whenever someone comes into your place of business and steals something, you naturally want to take action to stop the event. However, approaching the situation with the wrong response can turn things from bad to worse. In many instances, it's not a good idea to respond to a theft on your own. You need a professional to handle it instead.

Individual Rights

Criminals are still people, and according to the law, every individual has rights. In your effort to retrieve the stolen merchandise or apprehend the person until the authorities arrive, you do not have a right to use excessive force or cause harm. If you violate this right, it's highly likely the intruder won't face any formal charges, regardless of their guilt. An attack doesn't just include physical force. Locking someone in a room is also a form of a violation.

Violent Attacks

People decide to engage in criminal activity for a number of different reasons, but oftentimes, the individual is desperate. Desperation and violence often go hand in hand. If you approach an individual for shoplifting, there is no way to predict how the person will respond, or even if they have any weapons on them. The unfortunate reality is that the altercation could lead to a violent attack on a member of the staff or a customer. 

Damaged Goods

Particularly when it comes to a high-value item, the ideal scenario would involve you being able to retrieve the stolen item, undamaged. However, in the middle of a tussle with the shoplifter, it's easy for the item to get damaged in the process. Sure, a good insurance policy will safeguard you against this sort of loss, but the ideal scenario would involve not having to file a claim in the first place. 

Security Professional

There are plenty of risks involved with confronting a shoplifter. Consequently, this job is one that is best left to professionals with experience and enhanced skills. You can protect yourself and your team by investing in commercial security services. In addition to handling any incidents, the mere presence of an on-site security professional is also an excellent deterrent, which may cause many potential thieves to turn away. Having one of these professionals at your place of business benefits you in more ways than one.

Do you have questions about the types of services a commercial security guard can offer you? Contact a security firm to learn more about protecting your business. 

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