3 Things Your Private Security Team Should Be Doing

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When you hire a private security team, you are counting on them to find and resolve security challenges that may come their way. While many people simply leave their security team to handle their own list of tasks, there are other jobs you should give to your team to ensure that your company is protected. Here are three things your private security team should be doing on a regular basis. 

1. Undercover Shopping

Think about asking your private security team to conduct regular secret shopper audits. Dressed in plain clothes, undercover shopping trips help security personnel look for theft elsewhere in the store, and issues with employees who may not be on task. For instance, if your private security team shops for items in the beauty section, they may find someone in the area who is trying to fit that new tube of mascara or eye shadow color into their purse, giving them the chance to apprehend the thief. Security teams can also pay attention during the checkout process to see if cashiers are ringing up products properly. 

2. Employee Audits 

Unfortunately, customer theft isn't the only cause of loss within a business. Employee theft can also be a big problem. Workers may steal everything from product inventory and damaged goods to money directly from the till, creating quite a problem for your business in the long run. 

Ask your private security team to conduct employee audits to follow what an employee does on a daily basis. They may be able to check everything from what time the employee clocks in and clocks out to how they ring up orders and what they choose to do during break time. If an employee happens to be stealing, you may be able to collect the necessary evidence to prosecute them and recoup some of your losses. 

3. General Loss Prevention

Theft isn't the only thing you can have your private security team take care of. Every business also has sources of loss, such as food that is left to go bad, doors that remain open letting the heated and cooled air escape, and issues with returns. Talk with your security team about checking for general losses, and ask if they can help to cut down on the problem. They may be able to help you to identify areas where you could be losing money, and recommend small changes that could fix the problem. 

If you run a business and you are concerned about losses, don't take any chances. Sit down with your private security team to learn more about what you are faced with, and think about making some changes to batten down the hatches. By making adjustments such as adding new security cameras and increasing shift length for security teams, you can find and resolve issues along the way.

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