Hiring Personal Security for Business Executives

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There are many people in positions that put them at risk of assault, kidnapping, or even death. Personal security is often necessary for these people, and it is crucial that you get the right protection for the situation. 

Security Companies

Many security companies offer personal security services for people that need to have someone at their side at all times. These services typically hire former police, federal agents, or military to protect the person needing the security services. Working with a security company is an excellent way to ensure you are getting qualified people for the job. 

Personal security services are not something that should be taken lightly. The security personnel needs to be vetted carefully, and a complete security clearance and background check should be part of the process. Talk with the security company you are considering about how that process works and how to be sure you are getting the best people for your security needs. 

Independent Contractors

There are many people, such as former military or law personnel, who have retired from the job and are offering the skills they learned during that time to companies that need personal security services. Working with an independent contractor to provide security can be beneficial if you have access to the tools to properly vet the individual. 

Taking the contractor at their word when it comes to training and experience is not enough. You need to be able to verify they can handle the job and protect the person that they will be assigned to. Check their references and talk to former clients to get a feel for the person before you speak with them directly. 

In-House Security

Another option to consider is hiring a security director and building a security department with in the company that can provide personal security services for the executives or personnel that need protection. Having a security team in the company means you have more insight and control over the team's activities, and you can handpick the types of people you want to hire.

Hiring directly is an excellent way to screen applicants for their skills and also for their personality and ability to fit in with the rest of the team. If you are looking for a specific type of person to work personal security for people in your company, you can get a good feel for the applicants and weed out the ones you are not comfortable with right away. 

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