Benefits of Installing a Fire Suppression System in Your Home

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For many years, fire suppression systems were only available in commercial buildings, but installing a sprinkler system in residential structures is starting to become more common, especially in new homes. There are some benefits that make it worthwhile in some homes, but it can take some extra work in an existing structure.

Residential Fire Suppression

Anytime fire is a concern, a system that can help prevent it is a good idea. In homes, a sprinkler system or residential fire suppression system can be extremely effective at stopping a fire before it grows too large and destroys the house. 

The trade-off is that the water in most fire suppression systems will damage the structure during the suppression of the fire, but it can be contained in a small area, and the clean up is easier to deal with than rebuilding the home. Fire suppression systems will typically have multiple sprinkler heads in them, and contrary to what people think, when a head activates, it does not open the entire system in the home. Only the sprinkler over the fire opens to contain the fire to that area.

Insurance and Fire Suppression Systems

Installing a fire suppression system can often have a benefit when it comes to your homeowner's insurance. Many insurance companies will lower your insurance rate for houses with fire suppression systems because when the system is set up correctly, it will come on so early in the expansion of the fire that it will knock down the fire often before firefighters arrive on the scene.

The cleanup cost is much lower, and the insurance company will have a lot lower claim to cover so that they can pass the savings on to the homeowner. If you are building a new home, check with the insurance company to determine if you will get a discount for a fire suppression system in your home and if there are specific parts of the house or types of systems that your insurance requires to get the lower pricing.

Specialty Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems that use water are the most common and the safest systems to use in your home. There are some special cases where the system may benefit from using a different material in the system, like kitchens.

The fire suppression system used in the kitchen will often use a dry chemical powder to put the fire out because the most common kitchen fires start as small grease fires. Water will spread grease and spread the fire, but a dry chemical suppression system over the stove can drop a dry powder on the grease and coat it, cutting off oxygen to the fire and putting it out quickly.

If you need a fire suppression system for your property, contact a company like Echo Fire Protection.

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