Learn About Residential Security Guards and What They Can Do

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Different types of security guards offer the type and level of protection that people need for themselves or their business. If you're interested in learning more about residential security guards, this article will offer some information on them. Here, you can learn why you may want to hire residential security guards and what types of services they may be able to provide for those people. 

1. Security guards can be hired for a home, a complex, or a neighborhood

Residential security guards can be hired to protect a single residence and the people that are on that residence's property. They can also be hired to protect entire complexes, such as apartments or condos. They can be hired to patrol and protect an entire neighborhood as well, such as whole gated or private communities. Having security guards protect a single residence is often done because the person is at a higher risk of being victimized. Communities can have security guards just as a precaution or because there have been crimes committed in the area and the security guards are brought in to put an end to these crimes and to offer people a safer place to live. 

2. Security guards can be unarmed or they can be armed

In instances where residential security guards are hired mostly to act as deterrents for criminals or to record who comes and goes, the security guards may be unarmed. However, if there is an increased chance that the security guards on duty may run across dangerous individuals, armed security guards may be the preferred way to go. An armed security guard will have a better chance of actually being able to stop crimes from happening to protect the people living in the home or area they are tasked to protect. 

3. Security guards have special training in various areas

There are many ways in which residential security guards can be of assistance and things they have been trained for. They can help to monitor the security system. They are also trained in first aid so they can help an injured person until the ambulance gets on the scene. They are trained to spot weaknesses in other areas of security and they also have the training necessary to spot the warning signs of a crime that is about to take place so they can act quickly and hopefully prevent something from happening ahead of time.

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