Top Things You Should Know About Securing A Payment Plan From A Bail Bondsman

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One of the best reasons to use a bail bondsman is because paying a bail bond fee is often much more affordable and achievable than putting up a person's entire bail at one time. However, if you can't afford the bail bond fee -- such as if a loved one got arrested during a time that isn't financially good for you and your family, or if your loved one has a high bail-- then you might be wondering what to do. You'll probably be happy to know that many bail bondsmen are willing to set up payment plans. These are some of the top things that you will want to know about securing a payment plan with a bail bondsman.

Many Bail Bond Agencies Offer This Service

You might have never known that you had the option to get a payment plan when bailing someone out of jail. However, more bail bond agencies offer this than you might think, so you should call around and ask about payment plans.

You May Still Need to Put Money Down

You might be interested in securing a payment plan with a bail bond agency because of a lack of money, but you should know that you will typically be required to put at least some money down. How much you will need to put down will depend on your loved one's bail amount and the specific bail bond agency that you are working with, but it's typically a percentage of the total bail fee. Typically, you will need to put down the initial payment in cash -- or pay it with a credit or debit card -- but you may be able to use valuables as collateral.

You'll Need to Prove You Can Make the Payments

Of course, you will probably be required to show some proof that you can make the payments for the bail bond payment plan before it will be granted. You may need to show paycheck stubs to prove that you have an income, for example.

Your Loved One's Bond Could Be Revoked

Lastly, you should be aware that if you set up a payment plan with a bail bond agency, your loved one's bail will typically be conditional upon the bail bond payments being made on time. If these payments are not made like they are supposed to be, then your loved one's bond might be revoked, and they could be put in jail again. Also, be aware that your loved one might be required to check in with the bail bond agency routinely. Make sure that you are aware of how much the payments are, when they are supposed to be paid, and what your loved one's bail conditions are to avoid any problems.

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